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Have you ever read anything written by Seth Godin?  I really think he is a fantastic author, thinker, and marketer.  He also happens to be a great teacher.  And more than anything else, I love learning from a great teacher.

So when I stumbled upon a recent interview that he did about his new book “Linchpin” and advocating for the arts, I just had to share it with you.  Take a look at what he has to say about artists:

I think many of the people in this

[marketing] community aren’t artists, actually, but people working hard to do a job or please a client. Artists do more than that. They inflame critics and they make change and they do things that make themselves and others uncomfortable. Art is not about decoration, it’s about change. And to your point, it’s both inward and outward, but it takes passion and commitment and restlessness.

If we take this point and extrapolate it to teaching, learning and creating, we can conclude that education has the possibility and the ability to be artistic.  We in the educational community have the abilities to create change by pushing the envelope, experimenting with new techniques and strategies, and continual renewal.  We never settle.  We’re always eager to find a new way to engage and ignite our students to do better; to be more; to rise to meet their full potential.

And as teachers, we are the artists.  We are the painters and the singers and the dancers.  We become masters of the tools and our students are our products.  We’re not just trying to please a client (our school boards, our parents, our politicians).  Rather, we’re creating students who can think, explore and extend their own creative spirits.  This leads to a cycle of innovation, advancement, and excitement for tomorrow.  We push the boundaries professionally for ourselves and for our students.

We are the linchpins between current education policy and education possibility.

Each teacher is valuable.  Each one of us changes our students through passion, creativity and an inner restlessness.

We are the links between yesterday and tomorrow.  If you use arts integration, technology, 21st century learning skills, or any host of other tools for your trade, just be sure to use them wisely.  Because we aren’t just creating a product.  We’re also mentoring the apprentices of the next generation – no matter what profession they enter.