Overview: This lesson incorporates environmental literacy with visual arts to understand wind energy.

Each year, more and more schools are looking to become “Green” certified.  These schools go through a long process of lessons and activities with their students to help make their schools as environmentally friendly as possible. As well as, leave a responsible footprint in our world.  While this is a very worthwhile endeavor, writing these lesson plans can at times seem like a daunting task.

Today’s free lesson plan will help you get started!  Additionally, this lesson plan is for grades 3-5, but can be altered to fit your grade level.  This arts integration lesson uses visual art processes to help teach about wind energy.  It’s a brilliant representation of how using art can extend and deepen understanding of a very abstract concept.

Many thanks to Linda Ferrara and Tina Kessler for an amazing lesson plan!



All students have had prior experience in Science learning about wind and weather instruments that measure wind. They have completed Science packet worksheets to assess this knowledge.


Students will examine photographs of various types of windmills, wind turbines, and wind farms. The students will answer/chart what they see, wonder, know about the photographs, farms, energy, electricity sources.


This is an independent learning center. Students will read the text from an Energy website to learn more about wind farms. The students will follow up the reading with a comprehension worksheet that allows them to express their understanding and make connections between wind farms and their communities, energy use and other wind instruments.


Students will read to perform a task and create a pinwheel, using a template for the form, but designing and decorating it themselves. Students will make connections between their art product (pinwheels) and wind turbines. Students will express the pros and cons of wind farms and state their opinions on the issue.