On this Memorial Day, I’d like to use this space as place of thanks – for many special things this year!

Most importantly, thanks to all of the armed forces, past, current and future for allowing this country to be the great nation that it is.  We truly live in the greatest land at the greatest time in history and it is due to your sacrifice.

I’d also like to thank all of YOU for your amazing response the Arts Integration Online E-Courses this summer!  This course took me the better part of 4 months to write, a year to plan and 3 years to put into motion.  I truly think it’s the best way to work on an arts integration program personalized to your unique school. I’m so excited to work with so many of you on your journeys!  I can’t WAIT to see what you all come up with!  For those of you who are planning on registering but were waiting, there are still some spaces available.  However, spaces are filling up fast due to some great publicity (!) and speaking engagements lately, so you might want to decide quickly.  Once seats are gone, they are gone!

Coming up this week we will be focusing on lesson plan writing.

People ask me all the time “how do you write your lesson plans?” and while I appreciate that people want to know more about that process, it always kind of takes me off guard.  For me, coming up with lesson plan ideas in my head is very easy.  I can whip up a great lesson plan in about 2 minutes while I’m driving to work in the morning (with my hour long commute – yikes!).  It’s getting it down on the paper that gets me every time.  I find it so tedious to write everything down – mostly because active lessons are fluid and written lesson plans are not.

Yet, lesson plan writing is an essential aspect to our profession.  We DO need a gameplan: it might not always turn out the way it’s written on the paper, but the general objective and concept must be there so that we have a scope and sequence for the course of the year.  This week’s posts will focus on this process.  How to write them, what elements make a great arts integration lessons, and how to assess our lessons so that these “game plans” become our routes to success.

Finally, please take a moment to watch this great presentation It reminds us all to be proud to be Americans on this Memorial day!