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It’s time to spread a little link love to some websites I’ve come across over the last few months that have provided some inspiration, excitement, or other “awesomeness” to my arts integration world.  These sites make me smile, I’ve used many of them in my teaching (lesson plans are coming!) and some are just downright quality resources.

Have fun exploring!

Youth In Arts

This wonderful site is a great advocacy and resource tool.  Based in Ohio, this provides a great link to lessons, ideas, and the process of arts integration.


This is amazing!  It’s a completely Kid-Created Art Gallery.  Students can contribute their own artwork to “hang” in the gallery and assess other pieces from around the world.

The Walters Art Gallery

This particular page from the WAG features an interactive arts integration lesson all about Mummy’s.  Talk about engagement!  Even the boys in your class will be into this one!

Arts Every Day

This page includes a ELL/Arts Integration Lesson Plan using clay.  Arts integration is such a great way to involve, teach and assess our students that are learning the English language.  This lesson plan gives you some great ideas to get started!

Mind Lab

Find out how your brain really works at this website – this provides lessons about how optical illusions work and what happens to your brain throughout this process.  Great for high school arts integration lessons.

One in 8 Million

Another wonderful site for high school arts integration lessons (a rarity) this is a NY Times project – great for writing projects based on photo journalism.  What story could you create?

Imaginary City

Here, you and your students will be able to create a virtual city through the eyes and techniques of an artist.  Wonderful connections exist for math and social studies through this website.

Illusion Works

Discover illusions and how they work – great for math, science and language arts lessons.  This site is really fascinating….it’s hard for students to stop once they get started!

Art Safari

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this site!  Designed specifically to link writing through classic artwork, students create amazing writing examples using these works by famous artists like Picasso and Van Gogh.

Applied Imagination

Finally, I wanted to provide you with another blog about finding, using and embracing creativity.  This site provides news articles, research, and some daily inspiration on keeping (or finding) that creative spark!

Any websites that you just absolutely love?  Tell us about them through the comment box below!