Wow!  There’s a TON of contents covered in this arts integration lesson plan of the week!  There’s music, dance, drama, theatre, literature and math all in this one lesson plan.

I was inspired to write this one by a teacher I just met from North Carolina.  She is facing what a lot of teachers are facing right now: the reality of teaching classes that she doesn’t specialize in.  With cutbacks in teachers, materials, and funding, we are all being asked to teach more than ever before.  This wonderful teacher was explaining to me that she was a drama teacher by trade, but was being asked to integrate music into her curriculum.  She was attending the MENC conference to get some ideas on how to make this work.

What dedication!

After thinking about this dilemma over that weekend, I came up with lesson plan that addresses a bunch of contents and is a project-based unit rather than just a simple lesson.  Thanks to all of you for the dedication to your craft!

West Side Shifts Lesson Plan