It’s our goal as educators to make sure that every single child can achieve to their fullest potential.  Hence the term “No CHILD Left Behind”.  Yet, isn’t it ironic that the best way to build that singular success is through working together?  By collaborating with teachers, parents, and even the students, we can use multiple methods and strategies for assisting our students to reach their goals.

Gathering information, ideas and then synthesizing these to make personal meaning is what education is truly about.  This is what we are trying to teach our students.  If it was all about simply gathering information, we have this nifty little thing called “Google” now that can do that for us.  Instead, we want our students to know how and where to gather information from multiple sources and to create their own personal meaning from that, which they can then apply to solve new problems.  As educators, we should be modeling this behavior!  Gathering as much information as we can from multiple sources, and then using that knowledge to better our own classrooms so that we can be better equipped to meet the new challenges that come with each new student.

Today’s resource is the complete presentation from our MENC eastern division conference in .ppt format.  This contains the highlights, strategies, and tools that many of us have used throughout the years to usher in arts integration and to apply it to enhance and engage students’ learning.  As you go through, notice what questions or comments pop up into your mind and if there are things that you could share to this conversation (I’m sure that there are!).  As these things crop up, please come back here and comment with your findings. Let’s begin some conversations to help us create our own meaning about this process so that our classrooms and our students can achieve to their true potential.  By working together, we can all be successful!

MENC Presentation 2011