Hopefully, after the previews this week, I’ve piqued your interest to learn more about how to gain support and funding for your programs and initiatives!  So with no further ado….

“Show Me the Moola” ebook is finally here and ON SALE TODAY!

In these times of budget and program cuts, this valuable resource gives you information on:

* Successful grantwriting tips, searches, and techniques.

* How to use volunteers to their fullest potential – saving yourself TONS of money!

* Organizing your time so that you are working at the peak of effectiveness.  Time = Money.

* Finding, Building and Securing Quality Business Partnerships to support your programs, even when funding is hard to find.

* Tips for using Social Media to build and expand your program.

* And list of resources to get your program off the ground!

I am proud of the fact that almost everything on this site is free and provides valuable tools to support and connect arts integration, technology and other innovative programs in public education.  If you feel this ebook would be of value to you, please consider purchasing it for the very economical price of just $3.99.  Your purchase goes directly into supporting the free content that is available here every day.

Speaking of free…..don’t forget!  Today is the LAST DAY that the January edition of VIA will be free in celebration of our April edition coming out next week!  Be sure the get your copy if you haven’t already picked it up!