In today’s entry, you’ll get a preview from my new ebook “Show Me the Moola” about how to organize your time, and become better at time management.  Too often, we lose efficiency, momentum and money because we are just not organized.  By getting our life (and our desk) in order, we are able to find “extra” time to dedicate to these exciting educational program initiatives.

Here are some ideas for making the most of the time you have:

Clean Up The Mess (ebook preview)

Many times, people don’t think about the power of organization when it comes to
supporting and funding your program. But truly, it is an essential piece of this puzzle.
Organization is the key to making your program run, to finding funding, to keeping it
going long after it has kicked off, and to making it a success. So let’s get started!

Step One: Come up with a Plan of Action!
You need to decide what your vision and mission is for this program and how you are
going to achieve it. You need to make it measurable – just like we would for our
students. Write it down and post it everywhere you can: on your desk, in the office, in
the staff lounge, in the hallways. Everywhere! Make it visible to make the program
accountable. What is written gets done. So come up with the plan, write it down and
post it up!

Step Two: Check In With Your Plan
Create some benchmarks to check in with your plan to see if you’re staying on target. If
you create the plan and post it but never follow through, your program will get the
reputation of being a “pie in the sky” idea. You’ve got to check in, adjust if necessary
and celebrate meeting the small goals throughout the year.

Step Three: Keep Track of All the Pieces
Have you ever put together one of those 1,000 piece puzzles? If just one piece is
missing, you can’t complete the puzzle. Supporting and growing a program is exactly the
same way. You will have a lot of little pieces to your program: volunteers, funding
deadlines, testing deadlines, special events, celebrations, adjustments and more. You’ll
need to keep track of all of these things to make your program successful. How are you
ever going to get money for your program if you miss the deadline for sending in the
grant? Or how will you get all that “free” work from your volunteers if you miss your
scheduled meeting times? You won’t.

The best way I know to do this is to keep a planner. I have switched over to using
Google Calendar for my planner because I can color code it, get alerts on my phone and
my email and basically keep on top of things without too much work. But if you like
writing something down and crossing it off, then use whatever method works for you.

Bottom line is: do it!

You will save yourself and your program time and money by staying organized.
ALWAYS take care of the little things as they pop up. Don’t put them off. If you do put
them off, set aside a portion of a day every week to clean up these little things. Answer
emails right away if you can, write the small notes, keep your meeting times. By doing
these small things, you’ll save yourself headaches and feel like you’re on top of your
game. And that feeling will always translate into a much more effective program.

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