This week is about all things new!

I have written a brand-new ebook entitled “Show Me the Moola!  Find Funding and Support For Your Program” and it will be available THIS Friday!

This ebook is quite short (less than 20 pages). However, it is packed with ideas for finding funding and support for your educational programs, even in this tough economic time.  I have had so many people ask me how we keep our program afloat and it is through a combination a factors.  Grants/donations are really the smallest portion of the tactics we use.  There are so many other ways out there to support your program!

This ebook covers all of these areas: grants, volunteers, finding extra time, business partnerships and resources.  It really is a guide for all of us out there where funds are short and competition is high.

So this week will be all about featuring this resource!

I’ll be posting some highlights from the book so you can see if it’s something you’d like to purchase.  The ebook will be on sale starting on Friday for $3.99!  That’s it!

Last week, I previewed part of the “grant writing” segment.  That post was a small snippet from this new ebook.  Today’s preview will be from the section on using your volunteer power.

Here’s today’s preview:

“Volunteers – Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor

No….I’m not implying that volunteers are either tired or poor. I’m implying that
teachers are. Teachers work endlessly with little or no pat on the back and so they are
very tired. Teachers also are not paid what they are worth (no matter WHAT they say in
Madison, WI). They may not be poor, but they certainly aren’t rich; especially after what
they spend on classroom materials.

So what do most schools do?

They bring in volunteers to help these wonderful teachers
accomplish a never-ending amount of work throughout the day. These fantastic
volunteers do a bunch of behind-the-scenes things like laminating and copying so that our
teachers can work with our students. And the volunteers love it! They want to help out
and it makes them feel good!

So why wouldn’t we use these very same people to support and cheer on our new
programs? These volunteers have a ton of energy, will go out and network with people in
the community, and love to do the small details that it takes to run a program. Best of all,
they don’t have to be paid with money! Instead, they just want to make sure that the
students are receiving the best possible education.

Therefore, make sure your program is something that will have a direct impact on student
learning. If it does (and it should!), volunteers will work tirelessly to rally and support
your program in any way possible.

The other great thing about volunteers is that they are usually the very people in your
community that you want to brag about your program. You know – these are the people
in high school that would spread the word faster than you could blink. So the other thing
you want to keep in mind is to treat your volunteers like news reporters. Give them
information that you want to spread and be ultra careful with how the information is
presented. Always make sure your program is positive and links back to students’

Want to know the 8 best ways to get the maximum benefit from volunteers?”

……to read more about how to find money for and support your program, be sure to check out my newest ebook, “Show Me the Moola”, which goes on sale Friday for $3.99!

And Don’t Forget! The January edition of VIA is available for FREE this week only in celebration of our April edition coming out next week!