In a recent IBM research study, 1500 CEOs were asked what they think is the most important leadership quality in the next five years.  60% of respondents stated creativity.

Creativity!  Not intelligence, or perseverance, or even personality traits.  Nope.  Creativity made the top of the list.

That’s because creativity forces you to use your intelligence at a different level.  Creativity requires perseverance, patience and persistence.  Creativity provides empathy and understanding.  And Critical Creativity (being able to critique the creative process and continually making aesthetic judgments) leads to leadership.  The following graphic is courtesy of IBM:






Obviously, the world job market landscape is changing.  We are no longer going to be able to survive on a factory model.  The future of a thriving economy will be in what has yet to be discovered.

And that, requires creativity.

So let’s shift our mindsets from standardized testing and using the factory models in our schools and embrace the new world of creative problem-solving and project-based learning.  Because these are the ways that our students will be required to think and respond in the 21st century.

Maybe we should post new classified ads:

Want a job?  Creative exam required.  Problem solving skills, out-of-the-box thinking required.  Being able to work with others on long-term projects is mandatory.  New ideas are always welcome.  Incredible opportunity for advancement.  Ready to apply?  Submit all application materials to your local school district. Leaders needed.