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Are you looking to attend an Arts conference this year that has meaningful presentations, a wide variety of networking opportunities, and is cost-effective?  Would you like to have the flexibility to attend on your own time and from wherever you might be located without worrying about stalled video feeds or crashing websites?  Welcome to the next generation of professional development for educators…the 2014 Connectivity Conference!


We know that summer is a busy time for you, but that shouldn’t limit your ability to attend a conference like this and receive quality professional development!  If you can’t make it to the live conference on July 22nd, never fear!  All registered participants will receive access to ALL presentations, materials, resources and exhibit booths for a FULL YEAR after the event.  So you can go back and watch any presentation you missed, view them for professional development days with your team, and download all of the materials from the day.  This is professional development on YOUR terms.

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We know what traditional professional development looks like for you: hours of sessions that have little or nothing to do with your work. Plus, you typically need to be away from your family so that you can go to log in the hours.  That’s where a virtual conference is different!  A virtual conference provides you with enormous flexibility.  If you have an internet connection and a set of speakers, you can attend this conference from wherever you are located.  Whether it’s on a beach, in a classroom, or at home in your living room, you get a professional learning experience that is meaningful to YOU.


This year, we’re proud to partner with WebEx Events to bring you a full 3D conference experience.  You’ll be able to select an avatar for yourself, watch sessions in the Auditorium, and browse through the virtual exhibit hall in an environment that looks and feels just like being in an in-person conference.

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Plus, because we are partnering with WebEx (a leader in reliable, large scale virtual events), you can breathe easy that technology won’t be a stumbling block.  That’s because we’ll have a dedicated professional technician available during the whole conference to immediately take care of any issues that may arise.  So you’ll get to put your focus where it belongs: on the incredible, high-impact content.



Join these presenters, teachers, and practitioners for practical, exciting sessions at our main conference event.  Featuring hands-on strategies, STEAM Talks, and Tech-Tool Sharing, you’ll be sure to find high-impact resources for your school and classroom.


English language learners often struggle with the technical language and concepts in science, math, art, engineering, and various subjects. Through the practice of Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL), learners simultaneously learn the subject and study content. In this presentation, join Shelly Sanchez Terrell as she shows you how to teach difficult concepts with various instructional methods to help language learners that are highly visual, hands-on, and get them moving. Participants will learn about free web tools, mobile apps, and multimedia tools that help language learners visualize theories and important principles. Participants will leave with practical tips for supporting language learners in STEAM.
Interested in setting your students free to design and create solutions to challenging tasks? Join us for walkthroughs of four elementary STEM activities that encourage student inquiry and conceptual understanding through the lens of innovative, creative, collaborative problem-solving. We will describe and do each activity, all while sharing our thinking processes along the way (both in terms of student learning and in terms of teacher setup). Along the way we’ll reveal some secret techniques to empowering your students to be 21st century thinkers and makers! 
In this 15 minute session, Janine will go through various tried and true practices that she has used to build a nationally recognized and award-winning Visual Arts program. Starting with the practice of using clay on the first day of school and collaborative paintings, she will empower you to rethink their opening day practices and how you address curriculum in your classrooms. This session will encourage teachers to gather steam behind ideas that will engage students in hands on actives that foster trust, service learning, and community involvement. In addition, she will explain how student choice and voice has propelled her program into a place that has consistently produced award-winning student works in a variety of media and has given her students authentic audiences and opportunities to share their works on a global scale. This presentation will give teachers the push they need to try something new to start their school year and give them the steam to push along strong throughout.
How does art fit into your district’s mission?  Learn how the visual arts department from Indian Springs S.D. 109 has incorporated elements of common core into their art projects, as well as how you can integrate the arts standards and creative thinking into your lessons.
In this practical session, learn how 8th grade art students worked to develop collaborative table top arcade games in a project is inspired by the work of artists Gabriel Orozco and John Beech and the viral video, Caine’s Arcade. Discover how you can get students to learn and practice the art themes and principles Surrealism, scale, functionality, kinetic sculpture, and interactive arts while also applying physic principles like gravity, force, and simple machine.
Would you like to integrate STEAM into your art education practice but are not sure where to start?  This presentation will introduce several innovative STEAM lessons for art educators adaptable for any K-8 curriculum.  You will also learn about contemporary artists that can be easily integrated into your existing lessons.
Discover one high school is taking on the challenge of integrating STEAM into the overall curriculum and making creative changes in the way students learn. This student-directed presentation will highlight the development of an “Innovation Lab” where teachers from 4 different disciplines teach in a creative space they helped design.  Classes in Online Publishing, Applied Physical Science, Photography, Design and Drawing for Production, Leadership and Math will be showcased. 
 How can educators help students harness the overwhelming power and daily use of social media for creating, revising and sharing student work in and outside the classroom? Join ArtsEdTechNYC Founder Jessica Wilt, the Engaging Educator’s Jen Oleniczak and Roundabout Theatre Company Teaching Artist Leah Reddy in this engaging session that introduces storytelling and narrative creation through the lens of social media, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and YouTube. With guidance from the workshop facilitators, participants will:•  Explore ways to use social media that engage student voices in the creative process•  Identify ways to use social media to connect students to figurative language and imagery•  Experiment with social media templates that can be used in the classroom to share information and/or teach concepts like marketing, promotion, storyboarding•  Experience how social media can offer students the power to make meaningful content about their own lives that extends past the classroom and into the greater (social media) community•  Q&A will close out the session.
Join Technology Integration specialist Melissa Edwards in a journey through using questions to effectively navigate the STEAM space in your classroom.  Participants will explore essential questions, big ideas, and guiding questions which can be leveraged to introduce and seamlessly weave the arts in and through STEM for a more meaningful creation experience.
Some people think the arts and sciences are on opposite sides of the spectrum, but that certainly is not the case. In this presentation, we will explore how the arts and sciences have been entwined with one another throughout history and work naturally together across the curriculum.  Elizabeth will share ideas for teachers to integrate the arts, including art, music and dance into science and technology topics.  We will look at examples such as DaVinci and drawing, how the pace maker was inspired by a musical metronome, and how today art rules innovative (and marketable) design.  In curriculum, topics will include the natural connections between music and technology in composition and performance, the science and chemistry of the media and materials we use to create art, drawing scientific illustrations and the physics of movement and dance, among others.  Finally, ideas and example lesson plans will be presented: photography and biology, dance and science concepts and others.
There are many ways to compose music, and there are even more ways to notate it or write it down!  Through several case studies and using common core framework, arts and classroom teachers will learn how they can work together to create a STEAM project that has a music composition as its base.This workshop will show how to take best arts integration practices with music and use that as a basis for a STEM (STEAM) project.  How do you find your STEAM inquiry question? How do you serve both your academic and your arts learning objectives? How do you assess and present student work?In addition to project and assessment ideas, the focus of this presentation will be helping forge stronger connections between music specialists and classroom teachers. So often, the resources teachers need are right in front of them, but they may not know how to go about proposing projects or coordinating two curricular timelines.  Teachers may be hesitant to teach content that is outside of their specialization.  This presentation will give academic and arts teachers the resources to both open the dialogue and take practical steps to develop an integrated STEAM music composition project at their school.
In this highly interactive and hands-on session, participants will use art and music to bring math and science lessons to life. While it is not difficult to create STEAM activities that will excite both student and teacher, educators need to model the creative behavior that is expected from our students. The presenter, an arts integration specialist, will guide participants in developing a creative/artistic toolkit that will allow educators to identify opportunities for success for students who may otherwise be labeled behavior problems or a non-participants.
A strategy session offering tools for integrating science and technology into the dance studio.

New - FREE Pre-Conference NOW OPEN! Click Below.

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We had so many amazing presentation proposals that we will be offering a FREE pre-conference that will be open to the general public.  The pre-conference is now open and is a great opportunity to get high-quality arts  professional development from some of the leaders in education, arts integration and STEAM.

Looking for sessions that are from real teachers doing the real work?  You can find them all right here, presenting and chatting it up with you.  Don’t have an iPad cart?  Have limited resources? So do our presenters and they are here to share with you what WORKS in all kinds of situations.  

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Download the Administrator Support Letter.  It’s a one-page quick information sheet that provides your principal or curriculum specialist with an overview of the conference and it’s importance to you and your school.


How Much Does this Cost?


As you’ve seen already, this year’s virtual conference platform provides you with an amazing 3D experience you won’t find anywhere else in this field.  What’s even more incredible is the price: just $99 for access to all of the sessions, exhibits, exclusive content and experiences provided in the hottest topic in Arts education this year: STEAM!


We are able to accommodate your budgetary needs and accept school Purchase Orders (PO’s), Credit Cards, Paypal or Checks.  Everything is as easy as possible, all the way through checkout.

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