To finish up our assessment series this week, we are providing you with a fantastic new tool that you can use in your classroom today.  Best of all, it’s completely aligned with the new PARCC draft writing rubric for grades 4-5.  The writing standards and rubrics provide all of us with such a natural way to weave into Common Core as artists because we ask our students to produce compositions based upon the skills and processes we teach.  The writing standards showcase this, and the rubric was simple to translate into an Arts Integrated model.  Take a look:



And of course, here’s the downloadable PDF version of the rubric for you to use!

Finally, we have a major announcement today…

I am putting the finishing touches on our next book for relevant, innovative Arts Integrated practice.  This new book will be totally focused on Arts Integration Assessment that is aligned to the Common Core Standards.  Today’s post is a small “sneak peek” of what will be included in this newest edition of our instructional collection of resources.  This book will contain ready-made assessments (in a variety of both formative and summative pieces), explanations for authentically using these assessments and how to align your current assessment practices with the new standards being developed for Common Core practices.  I’m so thrilled to be developing this and launching the book in late fall.  This is sure to be a big hit given the amount of questions I receive on this and if you’re a member of Connectivity, you’ll be able to pre-order your copy before anyone else!  Looking forward to sharing so many more resources with all of you!

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